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ikids_Winter 2014 13 The why in YouTube B y P l a t y p u s re s e a rc h d i re c t o r R a c h e l H o y a n d re s e a rc h e x e c u t i v e S u n a m I k h l a q While apps like Instagram and Snapchat continue to amass throngs of young users, a new study from UK-based Platypus Research finds that YouTube, Facebook and Twitter still reign supreme among young social media users, with nine-year-old YouTube being the most visited social site among today's British kids. Platypus outlines what kids entertainment companies and marketers can learn from the world's largest social video platform about keeping kids engaged. seasoned kids and youth researchers, we know that young people today are obsessed with social media. Our most recent findings from an internal research study entitled Planet Media—The Kids Space show that a substantial number of young people use a range of social media networking sites. However, among the 1,000 UK tweens and teens ages eight to 16 (and their parents), who Platypus surveyed, it is incredibly clear that Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are the kings of online social media. The most popular site is undoubtedly YouTube, with 72% of this group regularly hopping onto the world's largest online video service, followed by Facebook at 69%. And exactly a quarter of UK kids are regularly using Twitter's micro-blogging platform. In terms of timing, it appears that social media usage really kicks in around the younger teen years of 12 and 13. Although we know that YouTube, Facebook and Twitter are the three most popular social media networking sites, as researchers, the fun part is putting the data into context and uncovering the underlying reasons for such usage. As

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