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ikids_Winter 2014 2 /contents /editorial 5 8 10 13 A ny communications—or Annie Hall —buff is likely familiar with Marshall McLuhan's paradoxical proclamation that the medium is the mes- sage, in which the media outlet itself affects human association, rather than content. As a journalist, this notion has been hard to ignore, especially as the medium continues to evolve and impact the lives and messages received by today's kids. This issue of iKids is full of messages. In "From the ground up" (p.3), an indie produc- tion company seeks to unearth secrets from Atari's 1980's downward spiral, while a crop of new robots send a clear message to the toy industry that the future is here and it's friend- ly...for the most part ("War of the robots," p.8). When it comes to social media, modern toy companies and broadcasters are getting—and delivering—the message when it comes suc- cessfully marketing through engagement, and they divulge which tactics are actually resonating with moms in Amanda Burgess' "Engagement rings" (p.5) Social media and networking, meanwhile, is inescapable in today's age, which is why UK research firm Platypus set out to understand not just how but why British kids are drawn to specific platforms. And this issue's feature, "The Why in YouTube" (p.13), takes an empiri- cal approach to decoding the lessons learned from the social video empire that is YouTube. Of course, a lot has changed since McLuhan's 1964 proclomation and his 1977 cameo in Annie Hall , and a lot more will in 2014. And like all the new Snapchats, mini drones and wearable tech devices enter- ing the market this year, expect things to be more compact than ever. Cheers, Wendy Goldman Getzler Editor, iKids Messages in the medium Web Toy companies and children's broadcasters are increasingly focusing their efforts where influential social moms reside; Nickelodeon gets more personal with families through a new TV streaming model Mobile Cartoons, parental controls and tablets go hand in hand these days, and the model is paying off; How UK-based SuperAwesome's network has grown to reach13 million unique visitors a month Gear Sales of youth electronics rose 18% last year thanks in part to robotic playmates, and now we're checking out the players expected to make big moves in 2014 It's a fact that kids and teens are drawn to social platforms, but UK-based research firm Platypus has new data that answers many questions as to why this is so Feature: THE WHY IN YOUTUBE

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