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Angry Birds Toons launched as Rovio's first-ever animated series last March we've produced, which is very much inspired by classic Looney Tunes. We want to continue to bring in more family-friendly content that's fun and humorous, but that also obviously engages with different demos in different ways. We're dedicated to reaching our fans on all platforms, across all screen sizes and in ways that make it easy and fun for them to watch. What's been the biggest challenge for Toons.TV? It's not the easiest task in the world to build a video streaming service that can serve hundreds of millions of views every month on top of a pretty robust game. But our product team has performed some miracles and delivered an amazing design and experience that we're working hard on perfecting and growing every day. How did you get involved in mobile video distribution? I've always worked with big media companies. I worked at a TV production studio and 4 for a pay-TV business, then I spent some time at Tumblr before moving over to Rovio. I've always been really passionate about and fascinated by new distribution platforms for premium video. Something that is so exciting right now is the opportunity to reach audiences in so many new ways. To me, the mobile screen has really become the first screen. What's next for Toons.TV and non-linear kids content platforms in general? For Toons.TV, much more amazing original and third-party content is in the works, as well as more features for our fans. In addition, we'll be excited to talk about new partner platforms very soon. In the space overall, I think we're going to see more and more platforms for kids offering exclusive series, testing out a range of business models, and pursuing fun integrations with all forms of entertainment that kids love. ikids_Fall 2013 Think fast! The lightning round with Rovio's Rachel Webber Favorite cartoon character Judy Jetson Favorite sports team Boston Red Sox favorite non-Rovio game Dots Music on your iPhone Spotify, currently streaming Haim's new album Favorite new TV show Orange is the New Black Favorite breakfast cereal Oatmeal Vine or Instagram Instagram

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